Temaclad SC 50. Roofs and claddings.

For demanding new and maintenance painting 

Roofs. Temaclad SC 50

Outstanding color and gloss retention

Roofs and claddings

Tikkurila offers Temaclad SC 50 for roofs and steel claddings. A time-proven two-component polyurethane paint with anti-corrosive pigmentation for new construction and maintenance painting. Temaprime EE is also used for galvanized roofs as a primer with alkyd topcoat.

Roofs. Temaclad SC 50

Due to the polyurethane technology, Temaclad SC 50 has extremely good gloss and color durability. It forms tough and abrasion resistant finish with excellent cleaning properties.

Temaclad SC 50 can be used as a single-coat finish for steel, aluminium and galvanized surfaces due to anti-corrosive pigmentation.

Also suitable to be used as a topcoat in epoxy/epoxy-polyurethane systems.

NB! Paint is not recommended for use in immersion conditions.

Roofs. Temaclad SC 50

Temaclad SC 50

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