Harbour infrastructure

Weather resistant and water immersion solutions

Harbour infrastructure

Products with excellent gloss and color retention

Harbor infrastructure

Tikkurila provides products and systems for various harbor and water-immersed objects.

Harbour infrastructure

Subjected to harsh working conditions and corrosive climate stress in harbors worldwide, machinery and equipment require a higher level of protection than the same machinery used indoors.

The Tikkurila range of products includes the most durable paint systems approved by NORSOK, which ensure long-lasting protection for construction in the most demanding off-shore conditions.
There are many paint systems for maintenance and touch-up painting that are easy to use and do not need blast cleaning surface preparation. Also a system for surfaces immersed in water is available.

Harbour infrastructure

Norsok-approved systems

System Code Paint System Total DFT (µm) Corrosivity category/ Durability ISO or Other Standard Pretreatment


Temazinc 99 Temacoat Primer Temathane PC 50 320 C5-I
A5I.5 Sa2½
Steel surfaces outdoors in urban, maritime and industrial environment with high humidity and pollution.


Temazinc 99 Temacoat GPL-S MIO Temadur 50 320 C5-M
A5M.6 Sa2½
Steel surfaces outdoors in severe urban, maritime and industrial environment with high demands on aesthetics and resistance.