Interior wood surfaces. Industry wood products. Panels.

Durable systems for demanding surfaces

Wooden interior surfaces

Paints and lacquers with good resistance properties

Stairs and floors

We offer paint and lacquer systems for interior wooden stairs and floors.

Interior wood surfaces. Wood products for industry

Our range includes durable products with good scratch and abrasion resistance, both conventional acid-catalyzed and modern water-borne UV products.

Paint systems

System Code Stain First coat Second coat Third coat


Diccoplast Primer Diccoplast Primer Diccoplast 30
Solvent borne 2-componen all around paint system


Diccoplast Plus TIX Diccoplast Plus TIX Diccoplast 30 TIX
Semi-matt thixotropic paint system especially suitable for vertical application


Diccoplast 30
High gloss premium guality paint system -exellent chemical and scratch resistance


Diccoplast Primer
System with tintable TCL -base primer and semi-matt top paint


Diccoplast Primer Diccoplast Primer
Semi-matt brilliant white top paint system


Diccoplast Elastic Primer Diccoplast Elastic Primer Diccoplast 30
System with elastic and humidity resistant primer and semi-matt top paint


Luminol 25 N
Water-borne uv-curing top paint system

Stain and lacquer systems

System Code Stain First coat Second coat Third coat


Dicco Color Dicco Lasyr Akvi Color AT-S Merit 20 Merit 20
Solvent-borne 2-component all around lacquer system with stain


Merit Sanding Merit 20
Solvent-borne lacquer system with fast drying sealer


Dicco Color Akvi Color AT-S Dicco Lasyr Merit 80 Merit 80
Solvent-borne 2-componen high gloss lacquer system with stain


Dicco Color Merit Topas 25 Merit Topas 25
Fast drying lacquer system


Dicco Color Dicco Lasyr Akvi Color AT-S Luminol Clear 25 Luminol Clear 25
Water-borne uv-curing lacquer system with stain