Cowsheds. Concrete floors.

Durable, safe and easy-to-clean coatings

Concrete surfaces in farming and agricultural facilities

Tikkurila offers water-borne or solvent-free durable and easy-to-clean paint systems for concrete surfaces of cowsheds, barns and other agricultural facilities. All our products mentioned below have CE marking.

Concrete walls and ceilings

Water-borne paint systems:
Priming: Fontefloor EP 100, epoxy paint
Topcoating: Fontefloor EP 100, epoxy paint
Fill holes and cracks with a mixture of unthinned Fontefloor EP Primer and dry, clean sand. For more information check Fontefloor EP 100 Data Sheet.

Cowsheds. Concrete floors.

Concrete floors and feeding areas

Solvent-free epoxy systems:
Priming: Temafloor 200 Primer, epoxy lacquer (Thinner 1029)
Coating: Temafloor 3000, epoxy screed or
Temafloor P 300, epoxy coating with sand or
Temafloor 4000, grinding screed.

Cowsheds. Concrete floors.

Solvent-free acrylic systems:
Priming: Temafloor AC 102 Primer, acrylic primer
Coating: Temafloor AC 501, acrylic coating
Top lacquering: Temafloor AC 601 Clear, acrylic lacquer.

Cowsheds. Concrete floors.

For surfaces immersed in water or manure, Tikkurila offers Temaline TL, Temacoat RM 40 and Temacoat GPL epoxy paints.

System Code Priming First coat Second coat Top lacquer product