Design floors - Spatter patterning work instructions

Drafting and designing of spatter patterning

Design floors patterned with spatters are suitable for a variety of different spaces. Patterning brings brightness to the floor, although the overall impression remains uniform thanks to the use of just one color.
The first objective when drafting should be to find a perfect color for the floor.
Spatter patterning can be carried out on floors of any color, although you should be aware that bright and strong colors will best highlight the pattern. Please note that patterning can also only be carried out on certain parts of the floor.
It is also good to take into consideration the desired size of the pattern in the design stage. Different sizes of patterns can be created by using different tools.


The impressive nature of a spatter-patterned floor is based on the combined effects of colors and patterns. The wide range of colors available for epoxy coatings provides designers with almost complete freedom when designing the various combinations.

Design floor - Stained concrete grey durable floor
Design floors Temafloor P 300 spatter patterning

Work instructions 

Pre-treatment and priming

1. The concrete floor should be prepared according to the instructions of the Data Sheet.
2. Prime the floor 1–2 times with the solvent-free epoxy varnish Temafloor 200 Primer or Temafloor 220W Primer.


1. Spread the Temafloor P 300 epoxy coating  using a roller with a short nap into an even layer. If necessary, the surface can be spike-rolled to remove air bubbles.


1. For patterning, use e.g. Epoxy Thinner 006 1029 in a clean spray bottle or garden spray. Patterning is carried out with the "wet-on-wet" technique, and it should be done in about 30 min after mixing the coating components.
2. Use spiked shoes when moving on the painted area. By changing the size of the droplets you can control  the size of the patterning. A large and distinct pattern can be achieved by directing the thinner pray upwards, so that the falling droplets will produce large splashes on the floor.

Products you may need

Temafloor 200 Primer Temafloor 200 Primer - A two-component solvent-free epoxy varnish.
Temafloor 220W Primer Temafloor 220W Primer - A two-component solvent-free epoxy varnish.
Temafloor 25 Clear Temafloor 25 Clear - A one-component moisture curing polyurethane primer and topcoat.
Temafloor 400 Temafloor 400 - A two-component solvent-free epoxy varnish.
Temafloor P300 Temafloor P300 - A two-component, solvent-free epoxy coating.

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Tikkurila floor products offer an almost unlimited range of colors and a variety of possible patterns. And what you need more it is only your imagination and inspiration!

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