Design floors - Free-hand patterning work instructions

Drafting and designing

We recommend that when designing the pattern you take into account the entire space and its dimensions.

When drafting the details, you should pay close attention to the restrictions that hand-made patterning may impose on you. Furthermore, bear in mind that producing and repeating accurate and detailed patterns is extremely difficult.
Designing color free-hand patterning


You can ensure that an impressive look to a patterned floor is created by using individual and bright colors. The wide range of colors available for epoxy coatings provides designers with almost complete freedom to design patterned floors.
Designing free-hand patterning

Work instructions

This technique allows the free use of patterns and colors on the floor surface. The most striking result is achieved with large, simple patterns.

Color choices help create fabulous contrasts or more subtle designs.


Pre-treatment and priming

1. The concrete floor should be prepared according to the instructions of the Data Sheet.
2. Prime the floor 1–2 times with the solvent-free epoxy varnish Temafloor 200 Primer or Temafloor 220W Primer.

Pretreatment and priming of the concrete floor


Spread  the Temafloor P 300 epoxy coating  using a roller with a short nap into an even layer. If necessary, the surface can be spike-rolled to remove air bubbles.



Desig Floors free-hand patterning


1. For patterning, it is good to use pots with nozzles of different sizes. Carry out the patterning with the "wet-on-wet" technique. Let the undercoat dry for 20–30 min before starting  patterning.
2. Use spiked shoes when moving on the painted area. Apply the color in accordance with your plan using the pots.
3. The coating is self-levelling. Avoid using too much color at one time to prevent it from spreading over borders of the figure. Before starting the patterning work, it might be a good idea to do a test on a small sample.
The surface can be lacquered with Temafloor 400 epoxy varnish if needed.
Design Floors free-hand patterning

Products you may need

Temafloor 200 Primer Temafloor 200 Primer - A two-component solvent-free epoxy varnish.
Temafloor 220W Primer Temafloor 220W Primer - A two-component solvent-free epoxy varnish.
Temafloor 25 Clear Temafloor 25 Clear - A one-component moisture curing polyurethane primer and topcoat.
Temafloor 400 Temafloor 400 - A two-component solvent-free epoxy varnish.
Temafloor P300 Temafloor P300 - A two-component, solvent-free epoxy coating.

Find more information from the brochure

Design floor brochure

Tikkurila floor products offer an almost unlimited range of colors and a variety of possible patterns. And what you need more it is only your imagination and inspiration!

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