Floor products for concrete surfaces

Temafloor 150 - the perfect choice for ice hockey arenas

Concrete floors in sports arenas and ice hockey centers

The Tikkurila product range contains epoxy paints which are widely used for ice hockey arenas. The mostly commonly used epoxy paints for hockey rink are Temafloor 150, Temacoat GPL and Temacoat RM 40. Sports arena walls can be treated with Fontefloor EP 100, Temacoat GPL or Temacoat RM 40. All these products are available in many colors.

Floor products for concrete surfaces
Floor coatings

Temafloor 150 can also be used for roller hockey arenas, as the coated surface is strong and durable and provides suitable friction for the game.

Tikkurila offers epoxy coating Temafloor P 300 for concrete floors of other facilities exposed to moderate or heavy chemical and mechanical stress as corridors, storage facilities, etc.

Floor products for concrete surfaces
Floor products for concrete surfaces

The polyurethane coating Temafloor PU is used for example in gyms where a flexible and durable finish is required.  This product is also suitable for floors where a smooth, hygienic and easy-to-clean surface is needed.

Tikkurila products have been used in many sports arenas and ice hockey centers:

Globe arena, Stockholm, Sweden
Hartwall areena, Helsinki, Finland
Hk-areena, Turku, Finland
Ice hall daugavpils, Latvia
Ice palace, St Petersburg, Russia
Imatra ice hockey center, Finland
Jyväskylä ice hockey center, Finland
Kokkola ice hockey center, Finland
Luzhniki, Moscow, Russia
Kämphallen, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Naantali ice hockey center, Finland
Oulunkylä ice hockey center, Finland
Parainen ice hockey center, Finland
Pirkkola ice hockey center, Finland
Raisio ice hockey center, Finland
Salla ice hockey center, Finland
Salmisaari ice hockey center, Finland
Sport palace, St Petersburg, Russia
Valtti-areena, Vantaa, Finland

Flooring systems for sport arenas

System Code Priming First coat Second coat Top lacquer product


Temafloor 150


Temafloor 200 Primer Temafloor P300
Epoxy floor system, that can be installed in one day. Glossy and easy to keep clean, self-leveling topcoat for moderate mechanical and chemical stress.


Temafloor 400 Temafloor P300


Temafloor 200 Primer


Temafloor 220W Primer Temafloor 150


Temafloor 220W Primer Temafloor P300


Temafloor 220W Primer

Areas where a flexible finish is needed

System Code Priming First coat Second coat Top lacquer product


Temafloor 400 Temafloor PU


Temafloor 25 Clear Temafloor PU


Temafloor 220W Primer Temafloor PU