Floor coatings

Reliable coatings for various aesthetical demands

Concrete floors in public and commercial buildings

Floor products for concrete surfaces

Floors in commercial and public buildings are exposed to abrasion and should be easy to clean. Tikkurila offers water-borne and solvent-free solutions for different grades of stress.

Creating patterns and surfaces with a metallic effect or using thousands of colors are examples of  special effects suitable for floors where a trendy appearance is required, e.g. in restaurants, cafés, shopping centers and business premises. Take a look at Tikkurila Design floors.


Design floors. Floor coatings.

Foot traffic areas without heavy load, e.g. restaurants, cafés, offices and other business premises

System Code Priming First coat Second coat Top lacquer product


Temafloor 25 Clear


Temafloor 150


Temafloor 200 Primer Temafloor P300
Epoxy floor system, that can be installed in one day. Glossy and easy to keep clean, self-leveling topcoat for moderate mechanical and chemical stress.


Temafloor 400 Temafloor P300


Temafloor 400 Temafloor PU


Temafloor 220W Primer Temafloor 150


Temafloor 220W Primer Temafloor P300

Foot traffic areas with heavy load like shopping trolleys, forklifts, e.g. malls, hardware stores, railway stations, exhibition centers

System Code Priming First coat Second coat Top lacquer product


Temafloor 200 Primer


Temafloor 400 Temafloor 4000


Temafloor 220W Primer