Solvent-borne products for wood

Tikkurila traditional acid-catalyzed Merit ja Dicco products gained an excellent reputation on the market for many years. However company is constantly improving existing materials and expanding their range.

For interior use

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Dicco Color Dicco Color - A solvent-borne stain. Dicco_Color_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Dicco Color DC SDS EN
Dicco Crystal 30 White Dicco Crystal 30 White - A two-component acid-catalyzed paint. Dicco_Crystal_30_White_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Dicco Crystal 30 White SDS EN
Dicco Lasyr Dicco Lasyr - A solvent-borne semi-transparent stain. Dicco_Lasyr_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Dicco Lasyr SDS EN
Diccoplast 30 Diccoplast 30 - A durable, high quality two-component acid catalysed topcoat. Diccoplast_30_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Diccoplast 30 SDS EN
Diccoplast 30 TIX Diccoplast 30 TIX - A two-component acid-catalyzed topcoat. Diccoplast_30_TIX_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Diccoplast 30 TIX SDS EN
Diccoplast Elastic Primer Diccoplast Elastic Primer - A two-component acid-catalyzed primer. Diccoplast_Elastic_Primer_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Diccoplast Elastic Primer SDS EN
Diccoplast Plus TIX Diccoplast Plus TIX - A two-component acid-catalyzed primer. Diccoplast_Plus_TIX_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Diccoplast Plus TIX SDS EN
Diccoplast Primer Diccoplast Primer - A two-component acid-catalyzed primer. Diccoplast_Primer_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Diccoplast Primer SDS EN
Merit 20 Merit 20 - A two-component acid-catalyzed lacquer. Merit_20_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit 20 SDS EN
Merit 30 Merit 30 - A two-component, durable, high-quality acid catalysed lacquer. Merit_30_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit 30 SDS EN
Merit 80 Merit 80 - A two-component acid-catalyzed lacquer. Merit_80_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit 80 SDS EN
Merit Sanding Merit Sanding - A one-component acid-catalyzed lacquer. Merit_Sanding_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit Sanding SDS EN
Merit Topas 10 Merit Topas 10 - A two-component acid-catalyzed lacquer. Merit_Topas_10_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit Topas 10 SDS EN
Merit Topas 25 Merit Topas 25 - A two-component acid-catalyzed lacquer. Merit_Topas_25_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit Topas 25 SDS EN
Merit Zircon Extra 25 Merit Zircon Extra 25 - A one-component acid-catalyzed lacquer. Merit_Zircon_Extra_25_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit Zircon Extra 25 SDS EN
Thinner 1033 - Thinner 1033 SDS EN

For exterior use

  • Product Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet
Dicco Flex 30 Dicco Flex 30 - A two-component acid-catalyzed topcoat. Dicco_Flex_30_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Dicco Flex 30 SDS EN
Merit Jahti 20 Merit Jahti 20 - A one-component urethane-alkyd lacquer. Merit_Jahti_20_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit Jahti 20 SDS EN
Merit Jahti 80 Merit Jahti 80 - A one-component urethane-alkyd lacquer. Merit_Jahti_80_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit Jahti 80 SDS EN
Pinjasol Color Pinjasol Color - A semi-transparent tintable wood stain. Pinjasol_Color_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Pinjasol Color SDS EN