Water-borne products for metal surfaces

Tikkurila water-borne Fonte range of products are beneficial to the user and the environment. Their technical properties and performance compare favorably with those of solvent-borne paints. They fully comply with exacting industrial quality standards and the latest environmental regulations.


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Fontedur Clear Plus Fontedur Clear Plus - A water-borne, two-component polyurethane lacquer with outstanding gloss and color protection properties. Fontedur_Clear_Plus_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontedur Clear Plus SDS EN


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Fontecoat EP 50 Fontecoat EP 50 - A two-component water-borne epoxy topcoat and a single-coat paint. Fontecoat_EP_50_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecoat EP 50 FCH SDS EN
Fontecoat EP 80 Fontecoat EP 80 - A two-component water-borne epoxy topcoat for low VOC demands. Fontecoat_EP_80_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecoat EP 80 SDS EN
Fontecoat FD 20 - A two-component, semi-matt water-borne epoxy direct-to-metal paint. Fontecoat_FD_20_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecoat FD 20 SDS EN
Fontecryl SC 50 Fontecryl SC 50 - A water-borne, one-component fast drying alkyd modified acrylic paint which contains active anticorrosive pigments. Fontecryl_SC_50_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecryl SC 50 SDS EN
Fontecryl SC-EF 50 - A water-borne, one-component fast drying alkyd modified acrylic paint with special anti-corrosive pigments. Fontecryl_SC-EF_50_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecryl SC-EF 50 SDS EN
Fontecryl SC-MR 10 - A water-borne, one-component fast-drying acrylic-based paint, which contains active anti-corrosive pigments. Fontecryl_SC-MR_10_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecryl SC-MR 10 SDS EN
Fontedur HB 80 Fontedur HB 80 - A two-component, water-borne polyurethane topcoat. Fontedur_HB_80_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontedur HB 80 SDS EN
Fontefire ST 60 Fontefire ST 60 - A water-borne one-component intumescent coating. When subjected to heat it expands and forms an insulating layer of foam. Fontefire_ST_60_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontefire ST 60 SDS EN
Fontelac QD 80 Fontelac QD 80 - A water-borne, one-component glossy topcoat based on alkyd dispersion. Fontelac_QD_80_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontelac QD 80 SDS EN
GrafoTherm Line - A one-component water-borne anti-condensation coating for line application. GrafoTherm_Line_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf


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  • Safety Data Sheet
Fontecoat EP 50 Beige Fontecoat EP 50 Beige - A two-component water-borne epoxy primer. Fontecoat_EP_50_Beige_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecoat EP 50 Beige SDS EN
Fontecryl AP Fontecryl AP - A water-borne, one-component fast-drying acrylic based primer for various surfaces containing active anticorrosive pigments. Fontecryl_AP_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecryl AP SDS EN
Fontezinc 85 Fontezinc 85 - A two-component, water-borne zinc-rich epoxy paint. Fontezinc_85_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontezinc 85 SDS EN