Concrete walls and ceilings products

Walls and cellings in production halls, warehouses, sports arenas, garages, etc. must be dust-proof and easy to clean. Tikkurila has both professional and industrial products for concrete walls and ceilings.

Industrial products for concrete walls and ceilings

  • Product Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet
Fontefloor EP 100 Fontefloor EP 100 - A two-component water-borne epoxy paint. Fontefloor_EP_100_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontefloor EP 100 SDS EN
Temacoat GPL Temacoat GPL - A two-component, amine adduct cured mar and chemical resistant epoxy topcoat. Temacoat_GPL_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temacoat GPL SDS EN
Temacoat RM 40 Temacoat RM 40 - A two-component, resin modified epoxy paint. Temacoat_RM_40_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temacoat RM 40 SDS EN