Wooden surfaces

Pinjasol Color - Best penetration into wood

    Pinjasol Color

    Pinjasol Color

    A semi-transparent tintable wood stain.

    Garden furniture. Exterior wooden surfaces

    Decreases cracking of wood

    Pinjasol Color penetrates into the wood extremely well. It protects the surface against moisture, sunlight and dirt, thus decreasing cracking of wood.

    Suitable for both soft and hard wood

    Pinjasol Color is suitable for hard wood species, such as oak, ash and beech. The product can also be used on soft wood. It adheres well protecting the surface from outdoor exposure.

    Wood facades. Industrial wood products

    Solvent-borne, semi-transparent finish

    Pinjasol Color is used for window frames, doors, claddings, log cabins, etc. The product penetrates well into wood, thus highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

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    Data Sheets

    Description A semi-transparent tintable wood stain.
    Features and uses • Protects the surface against moisture, sunlight and dirt. Decreases cracking of wood surface. • Suitable for wooden surfaces such as window frames, front doors, wall boards, log cabins etc.
    Volume Solids 11%

    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet
    Product Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet

    Wood Systems

    System Code Stain First coat Second coat Third coat


    Pinjasol Color Merit Jahti 20 Merit Jahti 20
    Solvent-borne urethane-alkyd lacquer system for exterior windows and doors


    Pinjasol Color Pinjasol Color
    Solvent-borne wood stain, Temaspeed Premium tinting