Pinjasol Wax Dipp

    Pinjasol Wax Dipp

    Wood stain with addition of wax for exterior wooden surfaces.

    Excellent penetration of wood

    Very good resistance to weathering and UV

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    Description Wood stain with addition of wax for protective covering of exterior, wooden surfaces. It deeply penetrates the wood, impregnate it and underline it’s beauty and slow down harmful influence of UV rays and atmospheric conditions. Addition of wax protects the wood from harmful humidity by creating smooth and nice to touch surface. Can be used for soft and hard wood.
    Features and uses • Surface with increased resistance to mold fungi. • Very good resistance to weathering and UV. • Increased protection of wood, because the wax content. • Durable and vibrant colors through specialized pigments that highlight the natural grain of the wood. • High resistance to attack by water and rinsing the product - very good hydrophobicity finish. • Excellent penetration of wood. • For use on wooden walls of the houses, windows, doors, fences, fences, railings, garden furniture, gazebos, fences, etc.
    Volume Solids Approx. 17,8 – 19,2% volume. depending on colour.

    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet
    Product Data Sheet