Exterior wood surfaces. Industry wood products

Pinja Flex 30 - Good protection in demanding weather conditions

    Pinja Flex 30

    Pinja Flex 30

    A one-component water-borne acrylate paint.

    Exterior wood surfaces. Doors and windows.

    Flexible paint for windows and exterior doors

    Pinja Flex 30 is a flexible water-borne topcoat developed especially for windows and exterior doors. It protects againts rain and hail, snow and sun.

    Fast-drying acrylate paint

    As a fast-drying topcoat Pinja Flex 30 has good stacking properties and is mostly used on production lines. It can be applied by airless, air-assisted airless spraying and electrostatic spraying.

    Wood facades. Exterior industrial products for wood.

    This product is mostly used for:

    Data Sheets

    Description A one-component water-borne acrylate paint.
    Features and uses • A fast drying and flexible paint. • Suitable for wooden window frames and front doors.
    Volume Solids 44%

    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet
    Safety Data Sheet

    Wood Systems

    System Code Stain First coat Second coat Third coat


    Pinja Wood Stain Pinja Flex Primer Pinja Flex 30
    Water-borne semi-matt fast-drying and elastic water-borne paint system for exterior doors and windows, with priming oil as a primer, that improves anti-mold properties.