MED approved products

The following Tikkurila´s products have MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificate and are thus accepted to be used for interior painting of walls and ceilings in ships.   

MED D certificate (No: MEDD00000WZ) certifies that manufacturer Tikkurila Oyj operates an approved Quality System Approval according to Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU for surface materials with low flame-spread characteristics, production-quality assurance (module D). 

Tikkurila products that meet the requirements on materials with low flame-spread characteristics and not producing excessive quantities of smoke and toxic products or not giving rise to toxic hazards at elevated temperatures and the provisions of Marine Equipment Directive (2014/90/EU) that apply to surface materials with low flame-spread characteristics.  

MED documentation

  • Product Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • MED certificate
Diccoplast 30 Diccoplast 30 - A durable, high quality two-component acid catalysed topcoat. Diccoplast_30_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Diccoplast 30 SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_Diccoplast30.pdf
Fontecoat EP 50 Fontecoat EP 50 - A two-component water-borne epoxy topcoat and a single-coat paint. Fontecoat_EP_50_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecoat EP 50 FCH SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_FontecoatEP50.pdf
Fontecryl SC 50 Fontecryl SC 50 - A water-borne, one-component fast drying alkyd modified acrylic paint which contains active anticorrosive pigments. Fontecryl_SC_50_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Fontecryl SC 50 SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_FontecrylSC50.pdf
Merit 30 Merit 30 - A two-component, durable, high-quality acid catalysed lacquer. Merit_30_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit 30 SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_Merit30.pdf
Merit Jahti 20 Merit Jahti 20 - A one-component urethane-alkyd lacquer. Merit_Jahti_20_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Merit Jahti 20 SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_MeritJahti20
Temacoat GPL-S Primer Temacoat GPL-S Primer - A two-component, polyamide-cured high build epoxy primer containing zinc phosphate. Temacoat_GPL-S_Primer_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temacoat GPL-S Primer SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_TemacoatGPLSPrimer.pdf
Temadur 10 Temadur 10 - A two-component matt polyurethane paint containing anti-corrosive pigments, hardener aliphatic isocyanate. Temadur_10_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temadur 10 SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_Temadur10
Temadur 20 Temadur 20 - A two-component, semi-matt polyurethane paint containing anti-corrosive pigments, hardener aliphatic isocyanate. Temadur_20_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temadur 20 SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_Temadur20.pdf
Temadur 50 Temadur 50 - A two-component, durable and non-chalking semi-gloss polyurethane paint, hardener aliphatic isocyanate. Temadur_50_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temadur 50 SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_Temadur50.pdf
Temadur Clear Temadur Clear - A two-component, glossy polyurethane varnish, hardener aliphatic isocyanate. Temadur_Clear_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temadur Clear SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_TemadurClear.pdf
Temalac SC-F 80 Temalac SC-F 80 - A glossy high-solids single-coat alkyd paint, containing anti-corrosive pigments. Temalac_SC-F_80_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temalac SC-F 80 SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_TemalacSCF80
Temaprime EUR Temaprime EUR - A fast-drying, one-component anti-corrosive economical alkyd primer. Temaprime_EUR_EN_PDS_Tikkurila.pdf Temaprime EUR SDS EN Tikkurila_med_certificate_TemaprimeEUR
MED approved products thsat can be used inside ships.

The products that have passed the test have a low flame spread and do not emit toxic smoke or combustion gases.
MED approved products can be used for painting of interior furniture and other surfaces on board ships.                        

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