Anti-condensation coating

    GrafoTherm is a one-component water-borne anti-condensation coating for steel roofing sheets, steel structures and other metal surfaces, where condensation and dripping-water problems occur. Suitable also for mineral walls and ceilings.

    Excellent moisture absorption capacity

    GrafoTherm is composed of millions of micropores in the sizes 0.1–100 microns. They form a multi-layer, porous texture with excellent moisture absorption capacity. Evaporation occurs faster than with conventional coatings due to the microporous structure, which breaks the water surface tension and spreads the moisture over the coating.


    Typical application areas for GrafoTherm are warehouses and parking garages, ventilation ducts, water production plants and other production facilities, sports arenas, interior surfaces of wind turbine towers, sea containers, train and goods wagons, cattle sheds, etc. The best results with GrafoTherm can be obtained by spraying, but it can also be applied by brush or roller.

    Data Sheets

    Description A one-component, water-borne, functional, anti-condensation coating for airless application
    Features and uses Suitable for interior painting and exterior painting for surfaces protected from rain. Recommended to be used on site for steel roofing sheets, steel structures and other metal surfaces where condensation and dripping water problem occurs. Suitable for interior painting of mineral roof and wall surfaces such as concrete, filler, tile, gypsum board etc. Excellent moisture absorbing and evaporation properties. Prevents from condensation and dripping water, insulates from heat (λ= 0.085 W/mK). Forms a flexible and porous coating. Provides also vibration and acoustic damping when applied as a thick layer. Complies with the requirements of EN13501-1, class A2-s1d0 and ASTM E84 (USA). The product has MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificate no MED-B-10019 and is thus accepted for painting surfaces inside the ships.
    Volume Solids 45±2%

    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet
    Product Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet