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Fontefloor EP 100 - Environment- and user-friendly epoxy paint 

    Fontefloor EP 100

    Fontefloor EP 100

    A two-component water-borne epoxy paint.

    Floor coatings

    Multi-purpose paint

    Fontefloor EP 100 is recommended for moderate mechanical and chemical stress in industrial, workshop, storage facilities, as well as hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry for coating of floors. Fontefloor EP 100 is suitable for moist concrete as well.

    M1-approved paint

    The product has M1 Building material emission classification for indoor use, and emits extremely low levels of compounds into the environment.

    Concrete floors in hospitals
    Floor coatings

    Easy to use

    Priming and painting cab be done with the same product. Easy to apply by roller. Water is used for thinning and for cleaning of tools.

    Water-borne paint system for concrete floor

    We offer environment- and user-friendly Fontefloor EP paint system for concrete floors, which consists only of the water-borne products. A significant advantage of this system is that you need only one hardener or the same EP Hardener can be used for all Fontefloor EP products.

    Replacing solvent-borne coatings with high-performance water-borne alternatives can offer many advantages:
    •Reduced solvent exposure and associated health risks
    •Fewer concerns with flammability and the impact on insurance costs
    •Easy soap-and-water clean-up
    •Less hazardous waste disposal and associated cost.

    Application instruction of Fontefloor EP water-borne coating system

    Prime the surface with 20–40 % thinned Fontefloor EP Primer or 0-30 % thinned Fontefloor EP 100 epoxy paint.

    Overcoating may be carried out 16-24 hour after priming by applying Fontefloor EP 100 thinned 0-30 % with water.

    Floor coatings

    Topcoating with varnish is done with unthinned or 5-10% thinned Fontefloor EP Clear.
    Anti-slipping performance of the varnish can be enhanced by adding Tikkurila anti-slip agent. Furthermore, design and mosaic floors can be created.

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    Fontefloor EP 100 is a two-component water-borne epoxy paint.

    Fontefloor EP 100 is a two-component, water-borne epoxy paint for coating new, and previously painted concrete floors and walls.

    Fontefloor EP 100

    Fontefloor EP Clear - Water-borne epoxy varnish.

    Two-component, water-borne epoxy lacquer, which can be used on top of painted concrete floors or walls, and also as a dust-binding varnish.

    Fontefloor EP Clear

    This product is mostly used for:

    Data Sheets

    Description A two-component water-borne epoxy paint.
    Features and uses • For painting of new, old and earlier painted concrete surfaces. • Also suitable for paiting of concrete walls. • Fontefloor EP 100 belongs to emission class M1 for building materials. • Fulfils the decontamination test requirements (FRP < 15 000) according to the standard ISO 8690:1988 (STUK-YTO-TR-210). • Recommended for coating of floors exposed to moderate chemical and mechanical stress in industrial facilities, warehouses, repair shops etc.
    Volume Solids approx. 58%

    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet
    Product Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet
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