Colofill is a all-round solvent-free putty

Colofill - All-round solvent-free putty



    A two-component solvent-free epoxy putty.

    Colofill has a brilliant adhesion to different surfaces.

    Brilliant adhesion to different surfaces

    Colofill adheres extremely well to different kinds of surfaces, thus ensuring total durability of the overcoating system.

    Minimal shrinkage on thick layers as well

    Even when applied in thick layers, Colofill does not shrink the way common putties do, thus ensuring the evenness of the treated surface.

    Colofill provides a minimal shrinkage also on thick layers.

    Data Sheets

    Description A two-component solvent-free epoxy putty.
    Features and uses • Porous mineral surfaces have to be primed with epoxy varnish or paint before patching. • Very low amount of Volatile Organic Compounds. • Suitable for patching of holes, cracks and seams in wood and plywood surfaces. • May also be used on concrete, qypsum and other mineral surfaces as well as steel surfaces.
    Volume Solids abt. 100% by volume

    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet
    Product Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet