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Akvi Primer - Universal all-round primer for inner surfaces

    Akvi Primer

    Akvi Primer

    A water-borne all-around acrylate primer.

    Akvi Primer has an excellent sanding properties.

    Excellent sanding properties

    Akvi Primer is an all-round primer for furniture, doors, molding and other wooden surfaces. The primer has outstanding sanding properties, thus making it suitable for fast production lines.

    Fast-drying primer

    Akvi Primer dries fast even at room temperature and can be overcoated either with water or solvent-borne products.

    Akvi Primer is a fast-drying primer.

    This product is mostly used for:

    Data Sheets

    Description A water-borne all-around acrylate primer.
    Features and uses • A fast drying primer with excellent sanding properties which makes it suitable for fast production lines. • Dries fast even in room temperature. • Recoatable either with water-borne or solvent-borne products. • Suitable for furniture, doors, mouldings and other wooden surfaces in interior premises.
    Volume Solids 41±2%

    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet
    Product Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet

    Wood Systems

    System Code Stain First coat Second coat Third coat


    Akvi Primer
    Water-borne all around paint system


    Akvi Primer Luminol 25 N
    Water-borne uv-curing top paint system