Interior wood surfaces

Akvi Color AT-S - Colors that enhance natural wood structure

    Akvi Color AT-S

    Akvi Color AT-S

    A water-borne stain.

    Akvi Color AT-S. A water-borne stain for interior surfaces.

    Excellent UV resistance

    Akvi Color AT-S is a water-borne stain with UV and sunlight resistant pigments. The stained wood will retain its color considerably longer. The product is designed for interior use.

    Environmentally friendly

    Akvi Color AT-S can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabeled buildings. As a water-borne product, it does not harm the environment.

    Akvi Color AT-S. Akvi Color AT-S has a wide range of colors. Its color emphasizes natural  structure of the wood.

    Wide range of colors

    Akvi Color AT-S enhances the appearance of natural wood structure. Due to the wide range of colors, it is easy to make the end product more unique. Natural-looking color samples on wood available by request.

    This product is mostly used for:

    Data Sheets

    Description A water-borne stain.
    Features and uses • Contains light resistant pigments. • Akvi Color AT-S is designed for spraying and dipping. • The stain does not contain free formaldehyde and after drying it does not emit formaldehyde to the environment. • Recommended for furniture, doors and other wood and wood fibre surfaces indoors.
    Volume Solids 2–20%, depending on the colour

    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet
    Product Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet

    Wood Systems

    System Code Stain First coat Second coat Third coat


    Dicco Color Akvi Color AT-S Dicco Lasyr Merit 80 Merit 80
    Solvent-borne 2-componen high gloss lacquer system with stain


    Dicco Color Dicco Lasyr Akvi Color AT-S Akvilac TIX 25
    Water-borne, thixotropic lacquer interior system with stain, which is especially suitable for vertical application.


    Dicco Color Dicco Lasyr Akvi Color AT-S Akvilac FD 25 Akvilac FD 25
    Water-borne semi-matt fast-drying stain/lacquer system with excellent chemical and scratch resistance for interior surfaces.


    Dicco Color Dicco Lasyr Akvi Color AT-S Merit 20 Merit 20
    Solvent-borne 2-component all around lacquer system with stain


    Dicco Color Dicco Lasyr Akvi Color AT-S Merit Zircon Extra 25 Merit Zircon Extra 25
    Semi-matt easy to use one component lacquer system with stain


    Dicco Color Dicco Lasyr Akvi Color AT-S Luminol Clear 25 Luminol Clear 25
    Water-borne uv-curing lacquer system with stain


    Dicco Color Dicco Lasyr Akvi Color AT-S Merit Jahti 20 Merit Jahti 20
    Solvent -borne traditional urethane-alkyd lacquer system with stain