What we stand for

Established in 1862, Tikkurila develops, markets and produces paints and coatings for DIY and professional painters and for industrial applications. Tikkurila's core competencies include the marketing of branded products and use of tinting systems for marketing paints. The traditions of paint-making are combined with the latest technological achievements and environmental awareness. The first-rate quality of products and services is ensured by extremely competent and inspired personnel, strong and innovative R&D, world-class marketing and service concepts, highly automated production technology and an efficient supply chain.

We enhance the quality of painting, environmentally sustainable use of products, product and user safety, as well as the knowledge of surface treatment.

We train our customers, retailers, and other professionals and students in our training centers and in stores regarding paints, painting, and tinting.

We invest in developing solutions that make selecting, buying and selling of paints easier.

We offer our customers technical consultation, advice on selecting colors and paints as well as tips and work instructions in all channels