Põhjala Brewery

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Põhjala brewery is the first craft beer brewery established in Estonia. The company asked Tikkurila for help in fixing a problem in their production hall; mold.

They had proper ventilation installed, to replace the old system, but that didn’t fix the problem completely. In the process of brewing beer, a lot of moisture is released. Põhjala brewery’s production facilities had severe moisture damages and intense mold growth. To tackle the problem at hand, all surfaces affected were first washed with Tikkurila Drytech Biowash, removing all the dirt and mold from the structures. The cleaned ceilings were then painted with Tikkurila Drytech Biorid, which is a functional coating containing micropores that eliminate moisture and keep the surface dry. The walls were painted with Tikkurila Argentum 20, a paint commonly used in hospitals for example for it is hygienic, easy to clean and has excellent dirt repellence.

To a small craft beer brewery like Põhjala brewery, mold can be a deadly nuisance because there underlies a risk of losing their license when premises do not meet the standards of the local authorities. By this simple treatment with Tikkurila products, the company was however able to continue their work safely and smoothly.

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