Distribution in two generations


The Martens of Metalcolor

Metalcolor is a paint distribution company based in Belgium. They started out offering industrial paints but nowadays consumer products are also available in their store. Tikkurila has been a prominent partner of the family-owned company for decades. Tim Martens, from Metalcolor, shares the story behind cooperation with Tikkurila.

How did Metalcolor get started?

Carlo Martens, my father, started an industrial sandblasting and painting company in 1947. After 16 years he decided to also sell coatings and paint accessories. He started selling these products to the customers he already knew from his painting company, and soon Metalcolor would grow up to be a large distributor for coatings in Belgium and the Netherlands. My brother and me joined the company in the late 90’s. 

Why did you choose Tikkurila in the first hand, in past history?

When searching for an industrial paint mixing machine, that nobody else in our region had, we got in touch with Kemira in the Netherlands. At this time they were one of Tikkurila’s factories. Here we found the mixing system we were looking for and after testing the offered products, the quality of the coatings turned out to be very good. This is why we decided to distribute Tikkurila products.


For which customer segments are you providing?

Our customer database mainly contains companies in the metal industry, agricultural- and painting companies. Also more woodworking and timber treatment professionals are choosing Metalcolor as their supplier. In addition we have some customers with tinting machines who sell Tikkurila coatings for DIY.


Why recommend Tikkurila and how does Tikkurila help your business?

We thank our success to the service we provide to our customers and because we only sell products of high quality. With Tikkurila we have a wide range of superb coatings. For every project we can advice the ideal paint system. For many years we have been teaming up with Tikkurila, enabling us to give fast deliveries, correct colors, the best advice and good products to our customers.