New life to Carlow Town

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Advanced Coatings Ireland specializes in the supply of paint systems for agricultural and industrial equipment manufacturers and the company is the importer for Tikkurila products throughout Ireland. They are based in Carlow town, Carlow, Ireland where they supply their customers with the highest performance of paints. Sales manager Ricky Keating sheds light on a recent project where Tikkurila products were used and how cooperating with Tikkurila helped in the process.

Could you briefly describe the project in question?

We were asked by our local county council to help tackle the problem of derelict housing in our local town. The brief: “to breathe new life into our town”. The project involved about 25/30 houses in total. Our staff decided on the colours, which were then given approval by the town council. We essentially were looking to bring some bright colours to the town to some very old rundown buildings.

How did Tikkurila help in the project?

Tikkurila were on hand to give us guidance with their excellent technical advice.

Why choose Tikkurila?

Tikkurila paint provides excellent protection in one of the harshest climates in the world, Scandinavia. We can be very confident recommending these coatings to our Irish customers here, given our climate.

What products were used? 

For this project, we used products from the Tikkurila exterior Finngard range. Finngard façade systems are based on carefully selected quality raw materials. The products are available in a variety of shades to meet each customers’ individual needs.

Would you recommend Tikkurila?

Yes, they deliver expert advice when needed, always steering us in the right direction to allow us to execute excellent customer care to our customers.

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