Aut Even Hospital 

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Entrance hall at Aut Even Hospital in Kilkenny, Ireland painted with Luja 7.

Advanced Coatings Ireland specializes in the supply of paint systems for agricultural and industrial equipment manufacturers and the company is the importer for Tikkurila products throughout Ireland. They provided products for a major project, the Aut Even Hosptial in Kilkenny, Ireland. Sales manager Ricky Keating sheds light on how the project came to be and what was Tikkurila's role in communicating with the end customer.


Could you briefly describe the project in question?

The client was looking for a high scrub resistance matt emulsion which was certified for use in hospitals. They also wanted a product that would stop the growth of mould and bacteria.

How did Tikkurila help in the project?

Tikkurila assisted with product selection as the client had some specific requests.

Why choose Tikkurila?

The client chose Tikkurila as they were confident in quality of the products and the expertise Advanced coatings could offer them.

What products were used?

Luja 7 was chosen by the client through Tikkurila's suggestions.

Would you recommend Tikkurila?

Yes of course, I feel confident in specifying the Tikkurila range of products, as I am assured of the high performance and high quality of their product range.

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