Why Tikkurila

Coatings for steel structures. Heureka science centre, Vantaa, Finland.

For more than 150 years already, Tikkurila has offered a broad range of decorative paints for consumers and professionals for surface protection and decoration. The product offering includes, among others, interior paints, lacquers, and effect products, exterior products for wood, masonry, and metal surfaces, as well as services related to painting. In addition, Tikkurila produces paints and coatings for the metal and wood industries. Tikkurila's business highlights strong brand, generated through high-quality and long-term product development and considerable marketing investments. In addition to the strong brand, important factors in our operations include a functioning and extensive distribution network, diverse services and an efficient supply chain.

Responsibility and sustainable development are a fundamental element of Tikkurila's business. For decades, we have worked to develop high-quality, safe, and environmentally sustainable products to offer to our customers. Our long-term efforts have promoted safety, responsibility, and sustainable development in the paint industry for years. Tikkurila sees that the company has responsibilities throughout the entire value chain - all the way from the choice of raw materials and suppliers, to product manufacture, use of products and waste treatment.

Tikkurila group operates at its export areas in co-operation with local partners. Tikkurila Export is constantly looking for new distributors to complement our current active distributor network. If you got interested, read more here.