Supi Saunapesu for careful cleaning of Sauna surfaces.

Effective but gentle cleaning agent

    Supi Saunapesu

    Supi Saunapesu

    A clean sauna – efficiently

    Supi Saunapesu is an effective but gentle cleaning agent. It bleaches wooden surfaces and dissolves lime scale deposits from tile surfaces. Supi Saunapesu is suitable for cleaning wooden, metal and tile surfaces in saunas and other humid rooms.

    • Product Warning Frost
    • 0% 0°C
    • Product Application Methods: Brush
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    Gentle cleaning agent

    It is essential to clean surfaces in an appropriate manner before finishing. In saunas, the most appropriate product for this is Supi Saunapesu, the cleaning agent in the Supi product range.

    Bleaches without chlorine.

    Unlike most cleaning agents, Supi Saunapesu is acidic. It bleaches without chlorine.

    Supi Saunapesu is desinfecting cleaning detergent for sauna surfaces.

    Removes limescale deposits

    Supi Saunapesu removes limescale deposits effectively.

    Product data sheet

    Supi Saunapesu


    Bleaching and lime-dissolving acidic cleaning agent.

    Product features

    Even though the product is acidic, it is gentle and non-corrosive. However, care should be taken when cleaning tile joints with concentrated and strong solutions. Do not use together with products containing chlorine.

    Recommended uses

    For saunas and other wet rooms.

    Technical Information

    • Product Warning Frost
    • 0% 0°C
    • Product Application Methods: Brush
    Not applicable
    Storing And Transportation
    Protect from frost.
    Product data sheet and Safety data sheet