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Showroom at AS Tikkurila’s training center in Tallinn, Estonia. The walls and the ceiling were applied with Kattomusta, a black, full-matt acrylate latex paint, the water-borne Taika Glow special lacquer that glows in the dark, and Optiva Ceramic Super Matt 3 (black TVT 0202), which forms an anti-reflective deep matte finish. The floor was primed with Temafloor 200 solvent-free epoxy lacquer tinted white, then treated with Temafloor P 300 solvent-free epoxy coating, shade light green RAL 230-1, and finished with the solvent-free Temafloor 210 Clear lacquer, containing an addition of glow powder. The ventilation holes in the ceiling were painted with green Temadur 90 and black Temadur 20 with an addition of matting paste. The futuristic disco bar comes alive with UV LED strips, UV LED 4 PCI lights and ordinary LED lamps. The general lights are halogens.






Taika Helmiäislasyyri

Taika Helmiäismaali

Taika Stardust

Taika Glow

Tunto Karhea

Tunto Hieno

Tunto Kivi