Public facades in Helsinki. Architecture.

    Finngard Silicone Hydro

    Finngard Silicone Hydro

    Waterborne, silicone paint for mineral facades. Particularly recommended for renovation of facades in places with high air pollution, eg. city centers, industrial areas.

    Gloss level
    Glossy Matte
    • Water soluble
    • 0% 0°C
    Finngard, Finnseco. Facades.

    Clean facade for years

    Self-cleaning, resistant to dirt caused by the air pollution.

    Ensure safety

    Ensure increased safety of the building. It is noncombustible - holds B s1 d0 classification acc. PN-EN 13501-1.

    Safe for health and evironment icon

    Wide color pallet.

    The paint can be tinted to over 700 colors from the Tikkurila Facade 760 color card.

    Product data sheet

    Finngard Silicone Hydro


    Waterborne, silicone facade paint. For use on traditional lime-cement and cement plasters, mineral plasters thin-film polymer, acrylic and concrete surfaces. Can be used for renovation of dispersion and mineral (silicate) surfaces.

    Product features

    • Resistant to dirt caused by the air pollution. • Durable, maintains an elegant appearance and protective properties for many years. • The ability to work quickly thanks to the short drying time and the ability to quick application of subsequent layers. • Easy to maintain due to the possibility of repeated washing.

    Recommended uses

    Especially recommended for painting of facades for renovation facade painting in places with high air pollution, for example: city centers, industrial areas.

    Technical Information

    Gloss level
    Glossy Matte
    • Water soluble
    • 0% 0°C
    3,0 L, 10,0 L
    6-9 m2/l per one coat, depending on the absorbency and structure of the substrate, application method and painting tool used. Attempt to determine the performance for a given substrate. Make test painting in order to determine the coverage of the substrate.
    Storing And Transportation
    Store and transport in tightly closed containers at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C., Protect from frost.