Public facades in Helsinki. Architecture.

    Finngard Silicate Primer

    Primer for priming of external surfaces. Intended for use before application of Tikkurila Finngard Silicate Paint.

    • Water soluble
    • 0% 0°C
    Pretreatment of concrete surface.

    Reinforced surface

    Product reinforce the surface, reduces and evens the absorbency, improves the adhesion of the facade paint

    Increased coverage

    Tikkurila Finngard Silicate Primer reduces the absorbency of the substrate and increase the performance of the topcoat, which contributes to reducing of the costs of the painting of the facade.

    Finngard, Finnseco. Facades.
    Tikkurila offers solutions for the treatment of mineral surfaces. Further information is available from Tikkurila's website at

    Facade for years

    Using the product in as a set with the selected topcoat and agent for the preparation of the substrate guarantees durability of the coating and color.

    Product data sheet

    Finngard Silicate Primer


    Tikkurila Finngard Silicate Primer is a waterborne, a mineral preparation for priming external surfaces, used before applying Tikkurila Finngard Silicate Solid.

    Product features

    • Primer reduces the absorbency of the substrate • Strengthens loose substrates • Increases the performance of the topcoat, which contributes to reducing the cost of painting the facade.

    Recommended uses

    The product is used for priming concrete surfaces, cement and lime plaster, lime plaster, thin-layer silicate plasters, thin-layer mineral-polymer plasters and sand-lime bricks. It can also be used on substrates previously painted with lime or silicate paint. It is not recommended for surfaces previously painted with organic paints unless the entire organic coating is thoroughly removed.

    Technical Information

    • Water soluble
    • 0% 0°C
    3,0 L, 10,0 L
    6-8 m2/l per one coat, depending on the absorbency and structure of the substrate, application method and painting tool used. Attempt to determine the performance for a given substrate. Make test painting in order to determine the coverage of the substrate.
    Storing And Transportation
    Store and transport in tightly closed containers at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C., Protect from frost.