Interior wood stains and lacquers

Color collection for interior wood stains and lacquers

Wood is at its best when given a translucent treatment. This is an excellent choice when you wish to retain the natural beauty of a wooden surface. You can use translucent colors to accentuate the natural color of wood, lighten it or create a colored surface to suit your decor.

Products available for this color collection

Paneeli-Ässä 20

Paneeli-Ässä 10

Kiva 50

Kiva 70

Kiva 30

Kiva 10

Paneeli-Ässä Hirsisuoja

Parketti-Ässä Petsi

Unica Super 20

Unica Super 60

Unica Super 90

Supi Lattiaöljy

Unica Akva Lakka

Supi Saunasuoja

Supi Saunavaha