Sustainable beauty since 1862

Tikkurila is a pioneer of sustainable painting, surface treatment, and use of colors, and we do it responsibly. We drive sustainable beauty, well-being of people, and longer life of surfaces through our work and products, by using the limited resources of nature and society in a sustainable manner. 

For decades, Tikkurila has persistently developed and promoted high-quality and user-friendly surface treatment solutions that are safe for both people and the environment. The guiding principles of our operations are founded on the safety, quality, and durability of our products.

Responsibility is the way we conduct our business; it is the foundation of our values and brands. We want to make sure that our operations are responsible and that we work with business partners who share similar values. We follow the development of tightening environmental and safety standards and legislation, and actively participate in the activities of paint-industry associations at both national and EU level, in order to develop even safer and more environmentally friendly products for our customers.

Tikkurila’s Corporate Responsibility program “A Colorful Tomorrow” provides Tikkurila with a framework for responsible and sustainable business development. We aim to promote sustainable development and take environmental, financial and social aspects into account in our daily work as well as in our strategic business development. The priorities for our responsibility work are user experience, resources, and people.
Corporate responsibility: Products made in Finland - Unica Akva, Valtti, Vinha, Panssarimaali.