Our Offering

Blogger Pinja Rouger renewed the office with the Growth palette, Color Now 2017 Collection.
Tikkurila provides its customers with high-quality, user-friendly and sustainable solutions for surface protection and decoration. Our systematic long-term efforts have resulted in durable products that are easy to apply, provide longer maintenance painting intervals, and are safe for both health and the environment.​

We offer a broad range of interior and exterior surface treatment products for consumers, professionals and industrial customers. Our product offering includes, among others, interior paints, lacquers, and effect products, exterior products for wood, masonry, and metal surfaces, as well as functional coatings. In addition, Tikkurila produces paints and coatings for the metal and wood industries.​

The painting related services we provide to our customers include ideas and work instructions, personal painting advice and technical support, color cards, color design and tinting services and training as well as on-site visits, inspections and analysis services.​
Tikkurila customer segments